Comparison of communication methods:

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You need to be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages for each method of communication.  The areas you need to look at cover:

Which is best? Why? Is it always the best way? Is it the most convenient? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Know that this ease of communication is available around the world. How easy is it to transfer (send) details from one part of the world to another? How quick is it? Does this also make it easy for computer crime & misuse to take place?

Ways to access the Internet & Ecommerce

Sample question: Changes in technology now mean it is no longer necessary to have a PC to be able to use some Internet services. Give two devices that can be used instead.

Sample question: Using your own computer to access the Internet is not the only way to gain access to the world wide web. Discuss other methods of accessing the net.


And, on the subject of the Internet...

Are you familiar with Ecommerce? Electronic commerce - i.e. purchasing/ordering goods and services over the web. Tesco (, Sainsbury ( etc have a section where you can place your order on-line. Some thoughts...